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When he himself appeared in any of these great seats of learning he was recognized as a master, and many of the wisest doctors of his time were proud to give him this title, and to reckon themselves his disciples. 4 In 1209, the goods of William de Durfort having been confiscated f the miraculous beam was taken from his house and deposited in the Convent of Prouille, where it remained until the foundation of the Convent of Fanjeaux. They pretend to give the Holy Spirit to a crowd of persons stained with every crime, on the sole condition that these persons should prostrate and adore them, 3 and receive from them the imposition of hands, exacting. Its duties are considerable, and include among other things the censorship of books published in Rome. She returned to her house to find him dead. " When the blessed Dominic returned from Spain writes 'Sister Cecilia, "he brought the Sisters as a loving little gift, some spoons of cypress wood, for every Sister one. His ISumma against the Cathari is still preserved, and attests his learning, which was equalled, or rather surpassed, by the sanctity of his life. Having asked him if he were revived, Dominic bade him take the remains of the loaf back to the place where he found it ; and this done, they con- tinued their journey.

What then is there worth living for, except to prepare for death? 123 won an immense harvest of souls." 3 In this narrative it will be observed that there is no mention either as to the time or place of the revelation. Antoninus for ts prior, and which is so closely linked with the history f the glorious. Ah, dear sir, beware of such things. His holy body lies buried in the church.

His representations appear to have produced some impression on the mind of the Pope, until deputies despatched from the Council of Lavaur made known to him the whole truth, and declared that the cause of Catholic Christianity would. His refectory was as unlike as possible to a dining-room ; it was as much a room to pray in, as to eat. Let them cast the writing into the fire ; if the flames respected it, they would believe its contents ; if it were consumed, they would take this as a triumphant proof in favour of their own opinions. Now the Lessons thus petitioned for contained an explicit statement that the Rosary was instituted. There was everywhere 156 foundation OF THE order proposed. Them and share their danger." And recrossing the river at the peril of his life, he remained with the soldiers, until having repaired the bridge, he was able to lead them all safely into the castle.

Approving the reform at Osma, bears that date ; whence it is argued, that he could not have received the habit at an earlier period. There comes a crisis in the history of some souls, and especially of those chosen by God for special works, which seems designed to test and prove the strength that is in them. Holy Father, tell me whence did that loaf come?" "Then says the old writer, Gerard de Frachet, who has related this story, " this true lover of humility replied : ' My son, did you not eat as much as you needed? Some trait of humility and patience exhibited amid the insults of his enemies, a few words redolent of the spirit of prayer and trust in God, which have come down in the tradition of ages, or the record. On the sup- pression of the convent the beam was removed to the parish church of Fanjeaux, where it is still carefully preserved. 2Q4 conversion OF peter.

For the hand of the Lord is surely with him.". It was, moreover, a season of mourning for the whole Church, for Saladin was making head against the Christians in the Holy Land, and in 1187 came the fatal news which thrilled the heart of Christendom with anguish. Dominic for his devotion to the Mother of God. " Such was the spirit and such were the ministrations of the first Inquisitor ; nor in his discharge of that office shall we discover a single trait that is out of harmony with his character as the Apostle of Languedoc. Catholic Christianity was in those days too much the public law of Christendom for it to be altogether safe openly to disown the faith. " A renegade to his faith says Peter de Vaulx-Cernay, "worse than an infidel, and incapable of observing his oaths, he had already sworn, and foresworn himself many times." All negotiations therefore failing, Peter de Castelnau boldly confronted the. Here for several centuries was kept as a precious relic one of his surplices, and so greatly was it prized that the canons refused all entreaties to surrender it to convents of the Friars Preachers.

As to the fact of his former visit. Thus in 1212 Bernard de Barna makes over to Our Lady of Prouille and to the brethren and sisters living there, not only his goods moveable and immoveable, but his own person and that of his son. Parliaments were more than once held within its walls, as well as the General Chapters of 13It would be tedious to enumerate all the English founda- tions of the Order, which was no less warmly favoured by Henry III. Nicholas is assigned to Blessed Reginald of Orleans. Awaking from his dream the Doge assembled the Signoria, and made known to them what he had seen, and all with common consent agreed to bestow the church with grounds adjoining on Brother Dominic, that a convent of hfs.

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Gay escort pesaro gigolo di colore From this time there will be but few occasions for return- ing to the history of those provinces which had been the scenes of the saint's earliest labours, and had witnessed the foundation of his Order. The kind of rage that had set in for attending Reginald's sermons filled him with uneasiness, and he did his best to keep his own pupils from exposing themselves to the dangerous attraction. Seeking his presence, he placed the direction of his conscience in the hands of one who from the first moment of their acquaintance had gained his entire confidence.

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On the present occasion, after having said Mass, he withdrew to a retired part of the church to make his thanksgiving, and meditating on the words: "The Lord shall feed him with the Bread of Life and immortality. I have recourse, therefore, to you for advice and your prayers. Dominic was received at Rome with renewed evidences of affection and favour from Pope Honorius, who showed every disposition to forward the design with which he had returned thither, 'namely, the foundation at Rome of a convent of his Order. The cell in which. Diego glanced around him, and was satisfied that one cause of the bad success of the Legates lay in the manner of life which they adopted. Such executions belonged manifestly to the administration of the secular law, which cculd in no way fall under the saint's jurisdiction. He had not only to instruct, but to reconcile heretics, and in doing this, to blend the ministry of justice with that of mercy. He himself is said to have carried it thither, placing it near the celebrated picture of our Divine Lord now preserved in the Sancfa Sanctorum, but which was at that time kept in the Lateran. Bernard had made the same complaints, and not only lamented that the faith should find among the clergy but few defenders (paucitas defendentium but that certain priests and bishops should even be bought over to make disgraceful compacts with the heretics.

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